Emergency services

Woman sittingThe emergency departments at Leesburg Regional Medical Center and The Villages Regional Hospital are always open and always ready, with board-certified physicians and specially trained emergency medicine nurses. When you or a family member needs emergency medical treatment, you can feel confident that when you visit a Central Florida Health Alliance emergency department, you'll receive high-quality care as quickly as possible.

Primary stroke center

Leesburg Regional Medical Center is the first hospital in the region to become certified as a primary stroke center by the Florida Agency for Healthcare Administration. All elements are in place to provide swift, immediate care of patients experiencing a stroke emergency, from the time the emergency department is alerted that a patient with stroke-like symptoms is en route to the time that patient is ready for discharge.

A lifesaving partnership

The odds of surviving a sudden cardiac arrest are only five percent, and the changes of surviving without brain damage are even smaller. Recent studies show, however, that these rates improve when hypothermia is induced as soon as the heart rhythm is restored.

Central Florida Health Alliance has partnered with Lake-Sumter Emergency Medical Services (EMS) to offer the induced hypothermia procedure to cardiac arrest patients. EMS technicians are able to chill the patient's body to 93 degrees Fahrenheit to reduce brain swelling and decrease the likelihood of brain damage. "Our goal is to have people walk out of the hospital neurologically intact after a cardiac arrest and have a high-quality of life," says Jim Judge, executive director of Lake-Sumter EMS.

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