Pediatric hospitalists

Doctor with childLeesburg Regional Medical Center and our pediatric hospitalists are teaming up for your child's health. If your pediatrician suggests that your child receive care from a pediatric hospitalist, you can be sure that your child will receive the same high-quality care that they receive from a pediatrician.

What is a pediatric hospitalist?

Pediatric hospitalists are pediatricians who specialize in hospital-based services. They work with your pediatrician and other providers involved in your child's care. Your child's primary care physician or pediatrician will be kept informed of your child's progress throughout the hospital stay.

There is a growing trend nationally for physicians to be either community- or hospital-based. They can't be in the office and in the hospital at the same time. In 2006, the pediatricians of Leesburg Regional Medical Center worked with the hospital to develop a hospitalist model of care, which avoids the juggling of hospital patients, emergency patients and office patients. The result is a pediatric hospitalist program that offers highly qualified pediatricians interviewed by hospital administration and pediatricians from our community.

Frequently asked questions

Will my pediatrician know my child is receiving care in the hospital?

Yes. Your child's doctor will be updated at the time of admission, during the stay, and before discharge to ensure high-quality care.

Do the hospitalists have offices to see children outside of the hospital?

No. The hospitalists work in the hospital and are readily available to spend time with patients and their families and to coordinate in-hospital care and treatment.

Will I see my child's pediatrician while my child is in the hospital?

Generally not. Your child's pediatrician will be attending to his or her patients in the community and working with the hospitalists to plan for your child's needs after discharge.

What if my pediatrician does not practice at Leesburg Regional Medical Center?

The hospitalists on our staff will provide excellent care to all pediatric patients. Any pediatrician can contact the hospitalists to arrange for a direct admission of a patient to their care. Patients can also be admitted as needed from our emergency department.

What if my child is admitted to the hospital and does not have a pediatrician?

When your child is ready for discharge, we will make sure that you have a planned follow-up appointment for care and that we are communicating with that physician.

Pediatric Intensive Care SpecialistsCentral Florida Pediatric Intensive Care Specialists provide services at Leesburg Regional Medical Center. Originally established in Orlando, the group is partnering with the Central Florida Health Alliance to provide services to our community.

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